About Us

Lily & Lincoln: Where Little Dreams Blossom into Fashion! 🌟🌼

Our business is run by two sisters, and came to life during maternity leave. We wanted quality, stylish clothes, that shipped quickly, and didn't take weeks to come from overseas. 

 At Lily & Lincoln We believe that every child’s wardrobe should be as vibrant and unique as their imagination. Our children, Lily and Lincoln, are our inspiration for all of the styles that we choose. Our boutique is a magical place where quality meets trendiness, and where little ones can express their individuality through stylish outfits.

Our Vision

We envision a world where children’s fashion is not just about clothing; it’s about celebrating creativity, playfulness, and wonder. Lily & Lincoln is more than a store—it’s a haven where tiny dreams take flight.

What Sets Us Apart:

Curated Collections: Explore our carefully curated collections, each designed to ignite joy and spark imagination. From the Strawberry Sweetness line to the whimsical Lilliput Little Things, there’s something for every little dreamer.

Quality First: We handpick each piece with love, ensuring that our garments are not only adorable but also durable. Because childhood adventures are meant to be lived fully!

Expressive Style: Our fashion-forward designs allow kids to express their unique personalities. Whether it’s a playful romper or a chic hat, Lily & Lincoln celebrates individuality.

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  • Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping on all US orders over $100.
  • Buy More, Save More: Get 10% off on orders over $50, 15% off on orders over $100, and 20% off on orders over $150.

Join Our Magical Journey

Lily & Lincoln invites you to step into a world where fashion is an adventure, and every outfit tells a story. Let’s make memories together!

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Feel free to reach out to us at shoplilyandlincoln@gmail.com if you have any questions or need assistance. We can’t wait to be part of your little one’s fashion journey!